An Interview with Author J.L. Myers

An Interview with Author J.L. Myers

Welcome to BookDragon! Do you have any writing rituals? Describe your process.

I wouldn’t say that I have any specific writing ritual, however, I do have a writing process that I strictly follow these days. I am an absolute plotter. I must admit, with my first novel I did begin by sitting down with an idea in the back of my mind, which I then just continued to write as ideas came to me. Now I like to know who my characters are, what they want most, and how each story will end. I take time now to create the skeleton of each of my stories, starting with my rough ideas and characters which I then mold into a scene-by-scene setup with a rough layout for who appears in each scene, what actions they will take, and then what the conclusion will be to lead me on to what happens next.

What are you working on right now?

My current project is to expand my Fallen Angel novella into a 5 full-length book series. This short novella that gave an insight into Lucifer and the reason he was cast out of Heaven will now reveal in detail the events that led to his banishment. You will discover all that transpired between Lucifer and the ethereal female archangel, Gabriel, from the start, leading God to forsake his favorite angel. The series will continue on after that with three more books that will delve into Lucifer and Gabriel’s struggles to reclaim the love that was taken from them—without bringing about the destruction of Heaven, Earth, and Hell as we know it.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

My favorite thing about writing, well there are two, but the first would be escaping into worlds I could only dream of and living through words on a page the lives of extraordinary people, creatures, monsters, and everything in-between. Being able to get into the psyche of a character and go through the elevations and downfalls of their amazing existences makes writing for me more an entertaing and fulfilling ride that I never want to get off of.

Tell us a little bit about the last thing you wrote.

The last thing I published was Nerve Damage. Despite my intentions to write a simpler book after my 4-book Blood Bound series, it turned out to be quite complex. It is a psychological thriller that delves into the dark recesses of the mind in that of human action and intention.
Cassidy, the main character from which much of the story is told, is a newly created young adult orphan. After losing her parents in a terrible car wreck, her mind is not her friend. Her memories of the accident paint an entirely different picture of that day, leaving her believing that the ‘accident’ was not quite so accidental. After surviving and with what she thinks she saw, Cassidy isn’t sure what is real or not, but she can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched…and hunted.
The rest of the characters have their own pasts and their own problems, and with the events that have them trapped together, they will soon come to learn that they are somehow connected and that them being brought together is no accident at all.
Throughout the story, you get to meet and get to know another character—the killer. A number of scenes are shown from their perspective, and, fair warning, they are vivid in detail and actions. Plus you will also meet a character from a past, a child that is intricately weaved into this story in ways that will ripple throughout the story from start to end in irrevocable and haunting ways.
If you are into dark and thrilling reads that can chill you to the bone, you’ll want to check this new release out.

Describe your favorite protagonist from one of your stories. Tell us something nobody knows about them, something that’s not in your story.

My favorite protagonist from one of my stories has to be Amelia from the Blood Bound Series. She was my first creation and it was her struggles, her fear, and her tenacity that drove me from a simple idea for a love story into an epic world of danger, forbidden love, betrayal, and much gray area that turned good guys into less than perfect and bad guys into devastatingly human.
Something that nobody knows about Amelia is that her story may have ended…but there is still more to come. Amelia and her friends have unfinished business, and even if you’ve read the full 4-book series, it will not be the last time you hear from her and the rest of your favorites.

What are you working on next?

After the expansion of my Fallen Angel Series, I plan to revisit my favorite Blood Bound characters to bring you the next steps in their paranormal lives. There will be changes, secrets revealed, lives threatened, and even the return of the dead… Each new story will be told from a different character’s perspective, following their trials and triumphs until each ending ripples across the lives of the remaining characters to kick off their own story.

What do you wish your fans knew about you?

I wish my fans knew that I was a bit of a hermit, an introvert, and despite what I portray, I am human and vulnerable. I truly hope that everything I work my butt off to create and put out into the world is enjoyed and even loved. In the end, I write my stories for me, but I publish them for all of you.

Are you on social media? What’s your favorite writer’s forum?

Feel free to talk me at any of my social media links below. I love hearing from new and old fans, and really, anyone who wants to talk about books, writing, plots, characters and anything else book related. My favorite writer’s forum is really more of a group: An Alliance of Young Adult Authors. So many new and expericned authors that are out to help their fellow writers.

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