An Interview with Fantasy Writer Bill Kieffer

An Interview with Fantasy Writer Bill Kieffer

Welcome Bill! It’s great to have you with us today. Can you tell us your favorite thing about writing?

I am such an emotional ball of confusion; writing allows me the chance to make sense of it all, to be linear and make sense for a change. I have trouble giving of myself verbally, and I am desperately afraid that I may go unheard. Writing gives me a voice my speaking voice can never achieve.

What are you working on right now?

Currently, I have two works in progress on the front burners. A short story called Qibla, which means “direction” which is a love story of sorts and a novel entitled The Horses: Building A Perfect Team, which is a dark urban fantasy story. I have other stories in progress, hanging back waiting for writer’s back to cause me to switch tracks. My most recent release was a short story appearing in Bleak Horizons, which is a collection for Furry Sci Fi Horror stories. My own story explores face blindness, a condition I suffer from… and there are monsters and victims interchanged in it. Last year I made my novella debut with The Goat: Building The Perfect Victim. It’s a dark book written in my darkest voice with an unreliable narrator who I think every reviewer has called “a very bad man.” It is a dark urban fantasy and it is not a book for everyone. I’m rather proud that the people who do read it actually seem to enjoy the ride, if not the scenery or the final destination. It won 2016 Cóyotl Awards for Best Novella.

Describe your favorite protagonist from one of your stories. Tell us something nobody knows about them, something that’s not in your story.

Brooklyn Blackie is in several stories and, like me, he’s a bisexual with daddy issues. His are far, far worse than mine, of course, and he suffers a bit from PTSD, but it’s the 40’s so they call it shell shock, and they’ve expected him to walk it off by now. He’s a hybrid wolf-dog that walks on his hind legs on an allegorical version of Earth that I call Aesop’s World. All the people here are animals. He’s a private detective who’s special gift is language. He’s a polyglot, or as I like to say, he’s a cunning linguist. He sucks at math and couldn’t balance his checkbook to save his life.

What haven’t I revealed about him yet that won’t be exposed in the upcoming Cold Blood: Fatal Fables from Jaffa Books? Hmmm… Brooklyn is one of eight children; not the youngest, but very much the runt as his siblings are all full blooded wolves. Brooklyn is a bastard, bred and born to break “a family curse” that was meant to befall the seventh son of a seventh son. Naturally, Brooklyn over-compensated as he grew up… and this is the source of all his daddy issues. None of the stories have introduced his brothers, but there is a scene in Cold Blood that might be edited out that has a picture of his family hung on an office wall.

Do you have any writing rituals? Describe your process.

I have grown so very accustomed to writing with the internet open so that I can research my stories as the need pop in. This requires a bit more restraint than my early days when I only wrote on a typewriter or a dedicated word processor. But I’ve since come over to the school of having knowledge on demand. It’s addictive, being able to be right all the time.

I am very much a pantser, except for the Aesop’s World stories. They are noir mysteries at heart, so I need to make sure I don’t cheat with a last minute solve.

What are you working on next?

I am waiting on edits for Cold Blood: Fatal Fables, which is 9 stories that take place on Aesop’s World. It’s a furry collection, but it’s not for children. It’s very much an adult story collection. 7 of the stories are Brooklyn Blackie stories, which take place in the 40s much like ours, just populated with furry people with furry religions… and several reptile species working along side them, hoping they won’t be killed.

While I’m waiting, I’m writing a chapters of The Horses, a sequel of sorts to The Goat; it won’t be as dark or as abusive, but I hope readers will forgive me and like it anyway.

Are you on social media? What’s your favorite writer’s forum?

I am! I have Twitter as Greyflank, as well as a presence on Facebook under Bill Kieffer! I also do interviews and book reviews in a variety of sites including Underground Book Review, Bookcrossing, Goodreads, and my own blog. My fave writers forums are the Furry Writers Guild and Queer Sci Fi … between the two I get support, encouragement, and submission calls (all so very important!).

What do you wish your fans knew about you?

Oh, I’m just a bill.
Yes, I am only a bill…

No, sorry, that’s wrong.

The one thing I want people to know is that is that I want to make my fans think. I want to keep you up at night. I want to share the darkest and brightest parts of myself with you and, yes, I have a liberal agenda, but I am so liberal that I accept you are all merely human… and that I am willing to shove your face in it.

Despite that, I love you all.

Aw, we love you, too! Anything else you’d like to share with the readers at BookDragon?

I try to include bisexuals and other queer characters where I can. I like identity and transformation as not just themes but as actual plot points.

Thank you for giving me a chance to share myself with all your readers!

Thank you, Bill!

Please visit Bill online at where he’s blurring lines between gifted and twisted every day!



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