An Interview with YA Author Nicole DragonBeck

An Interview with YA Author Nicole DragonBeck

Hi Nicole! Welcome to BookDragon Club. What are you working on right now?

I am working on book 5 of my 10-part YA fantasy series, The Guardians of the Path, titled Wasteland (said like Ireland or Switzerland, not “Waste”-“Land”).

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

My favorite thing about writing is creating the world that the story takes place in. I love world-building, making up the history and customs and languages. Tolkien is one of my great inspirations, and one day I’d like to write my own Silmarillion.

Tell us a little bit about the last thing you wrote.

Book 4 of The Guardians of the Path, series, titled The Other World, was just released. The Guardians have to travel between worlds – not something they usually do – and they’re going to have to get some help from a mythical sorcerer called the Man of Tongues, who delights in riddles. I really enjoyed writing this book because some of the supporting characters moved into the fore, and are going to get their spot in the limelight in the next books, because this is no longer just the Guardians’ fight.

Are you on social media? What’s your favorite writer’s forum?

I am! I am on Facebook and Twitter, and I just recently joined Instagram . I don’t have a preference – I love to connect with readers and writers everywhere!

What do you wish your fans knew about you?

I’d like them to know that I love writing letters! I don’t have a PO box address right now, but I will get one, and I will answer *all* my fan mail (unless I get 100 letters per day – that would be kind of crazy). I also have a wax-sealing kit that I love to use – my seal is a dragon (of course).

Describe your favorite protagonist from one of your stories. Tell us something nobody knows about them, something that’s not in your story.

In the later books in The Guardians of the Path, Death takes more of a front role. He is an immensely powerful being, but He also has this very human side – He knows He has limitations, and has doubts about the rightness or wrongness of what He is doing. Long (long, long) ago, He made a terrible mistake, and He desperately wants not to repeat it, so He’s helping the Guardians as much as His mandate allows. His real name is Northirion Fynstaer, and He has a dry sense of humor that is great fun to write. Something that nobody knows – He shows up in other “unrelated” stories.

Do you have any writing rituals? Describe your process.

I love to make myself a cup of coffee (with cream and maple syrup) or tea (rooibos is my favorite) or hot chocolate (a la the movie Chocolat with Johnny Depp), and sit down, with some epic music going (Hans Zimmer or the like). I have an outline, and I follow that pretty closely. My biggest weakness is trying to rewrite before I’ve completed my first draft, but I try as much as possible to just write and not stop.

What are you working on next?

After book 5 will be book 6, of course! And after I finish the Guardians of the Path series, I want to do a series of novels (or novelettes) on the Origins of each of the Guardians (and maybe a couple of the more important secondary characters), or I have this plan for a five-book series set in the same world called The Legend of the Builders. Maybe I’ll work on both simultaneously?

Anything else you’d like to share with the readers at BookDragon?

I love the name of your group!!


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