Autumn’s Daughter

Autumn’s Daughter

by Melissa Walshe

Niamh Brennan is magical. Or a superhero. Or maybe an alien changeling. Whatever she is, her impossible abilities are out of control and growing. When her younger sister is kidnapped in her place, Niamh must break down the walls between our world and another and fight against malicious political factions and her own inexperience to win her sister back.

BookDragon says: This is a fun, magical MG/YA read. We love the way the author has tackled the fae realms, and appreciated the solid world building and deep character development. The beginning was a bit hard to get into, but stick with the story — it gets really, really good! 

Author Bio: Melissa Walshe published her first book, Autumn’s Daughter in 2014, the sequel, Autumn’s Sister in 2016, and will soon be releasing the series conclusion, Autumn’s Exile. She is a professional copywriter for shines & jecker laboratories, where she is currently developing She has an Ed.M. in language and literacy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in linguistics from the University of Southern Maine. Most of her waking (and dreaming) hours are spent thinking about how to tell a more compelling story.

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  • Great World Building
  • Fae Legends brought to life
  • Good character development


  • Rough start