Blood Magic

Blood Magic

Abnormals Underground #1, by Holly Hook

Turned into a vampire at the age of two, Alyssa has spent the last 14 years pretending to be human in a society who hates “Abnormals” like her. She’s done just fine gossiping with the other girls, wearing pink, and becoming an expert sword fighter in order to vent her killer instincts. But when her father is kidnapped by her city’s demonic mayor, she must join with the Mage Xavier and embrace her nature to get him back and stop the end of the world.

BookDragon says: This is a fun, quick read for teens. Vampires, demons, mages — this book has them all. Lots of sword fighting and magic, and a nice dreamy guy to swoon over — although we didn’t get as much character development on him as he deserved. There were definitely places where the storytelling was a bit rushed and we would have liked a little more depth. Still, it held our interest and we are looking forward to more in the series! 

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  • Fast-paced story-telling
  • Hunky mage
  • Great action scenes


  • Sometimes it felt rushed