Born of Earth

Born of Earth

An Elemental Origins Novel by A.L. Knorr

Something’s wrong with Jasher: “He wasn’t just close to the veil, he was inside it. That kind of beginning is bound to leave its mark…” 

Georjayna Sutherland isn’t exactly thrilled about going to Ireland to live with her aunt for the summer, and even less thrilled when her adopted cousin Jasher turns out to be as friendly as a nest of vipers. But at least it gets her out of Saltford and away from her neglectful mother, Liz.

When Georjie unearths Jasher’s terrifying secret she finds herself embroiled in a mystery that involves the very power of nature itself. But it’s when Georjayna herself begins to change in new and powerful ways she doesn’t understand that she realizes…things have gotten personal.

Bookdragon says: We’re slowly making our way through this series and so far this is our favorite book! Jasher is a doll, and you know we have a soft spot in our hearts for faeries. If you like tales of redemtion and healing, along with some paranormal romance, then this is the read for you.

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$3.99 (free in KU)


  • Fun story
  • Jasher
  • Fae magic


  • Could have gone deeper