Heart Ward

Heart Ward

An Inner Origins Companion by Ellis Logan

Alec’s been hurt before. As a child, he discovered the ravaged bodies of his mother and sister dead at the hands of Dark Fae, and vowed never to love again. What will he do when a sassy parkour-running, krav-maga-kicking, viking-eyed goddess walks into his life? Can he resist the urge to give her his heart? Does he even want to try?

Heart Ward, the Inner Origins companion novella, is a steamy dive deep into the heart of Alec Ward, champion of the Fae Light Guard. Experience first-hand Alec’s inner struggle to let himself take a chance on love again.

BookDragon Says: We’ve been loving Logan’s Inner Origins series, so we were pretty excited to get our hands on this novella that retells a portion of book one (Shades of Valhalla) through Alec Ward’s gorgeous green and violet eyes. Can you say YUMMY?? You don’t get to see much of what he’s thinking in Shades, so this is a delicious tell-all of Alec’s deepest thoughts as he meets Siri, Rowan, and the rest of the gang. Despite being a retelling, Logan manages to keep the story fresh and interesting. Go get it!

.99 on kindle


  • Fresh and fun
  • Alec's deepest thoughts
  • Learn things not in the main series...


  • Not a full-length novel -- we want more ALEC!