Mokwa: Lifesblood of the Earth

Mokwa: Lifesblood of the Earth

By Raffael Coronelli

Allie is about to meet monstrous evil.

In a distant epoch of the future, a desperate military leader has found the tomb of a malevolent creature thought lost to time — Supayra, the last destroyer. Accepting the mission to stop them is Alawa, human host of the giant bear goddess Mokwa. Ruthless adversaries always a step ahead and unimaginable horror abound, a relentless chase for survival begins. Can Allie and Mokwa prevail in the race for the Lifesblood of the Earth?

About the Author: Raffael Coronelli is an author of kaiju adventure novels including the DAIKAIJU YUKI series and MOKWA: LIFESBLOOD OF THE EARTH. His books have have garnered something of a cult following, featured on various platforms for discussions of media in the genre.

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