Nano Contestant – Whatever It Takes

Nano Contestant – Whatever It Takes

Episode 1, Nano Contestant Serial, by Leif Sterling

An incredible future. A dangerous game. How far would you go to save your family?

In 2114, there’s no such thing as a fair trial. Roland’s father has just been sentenced to death in a sham case controlled by the all-powerful Pinnacle Corporation. He only has one chance to find out the truth: enter Pinnacle’s death-defying Tech Games and do everything he can to survive. Roland must undergo a risky procedure to install the necessary extra-human tech enhancements. Success could mean a shot at a $100 million prize and the evidence he needs to clear his father’s name. If he fails, both of them will surely die…

Bookdragon says: Simple, solid writing makes this hard sci-fi action thriller very accessible to all age groups. The author is good at creating tension and interest, and we enjoyed the future tech in this novel. However, it does end on a major cliffhangar — the author is not kidding when he names these books “episodes.” Each novella reads like a 45 minutes TV action/drama and leaves you hungry for more, like MacGuyver or a serialized Total Recall…

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  • Solid Writing
  • Interesting Science
  • Good Thrills


  • Cliffhanger!