by Kyle Harris

The biggest lie ever told in human history is that prosperity awaits in the stars…

In the slums of a crime-infested Crystal City–the only metropolis beyond the Solar System–every day is a new lesson in survival for 18-year-old Synthia Garland, who faces permanent life on the deadly streets if a foster family cannot be found. After her neck is saved by a chain-smoking loner named Chaz, Synthia enters a world of drugs, thievery, and smooth-talking sexbots. Until a high-stakes break-in turns into a life-threatening disaster.

BookDragon says: Epic scifi off-world drama is filled with strong heroines and great dialogue. We kind of wished that the editor had chopped off a hundre pages or so to tighten up the story and move things along a bit faster, but all in all it was solid, entertaining read. We especially enjoyed the way “defects” like missing limbs and LGBTQA tendencies are treated as strengths, not problems. Definitely an adult read with lots of sexual references, swearing, rape, violence and mutilation.



$3.99 (free in KU)


  • Strong female leads
  • Kickass LGBTQA & "disabled" characters
  • Great dialogue
  • Good worldbuilding


  • Moved slowly at times