The Burning

The Burning

Full Disclosure Three
By Ellis Logan

Ana Alvarsson isn’t even close to perfect. She’s made a lot of mistakes, and she just might lose someone she cares about because of them. Now, in the thrilling conclusion to the Full Disclosure series, Ana will find out that sometimes the only way to shine is to admit you have flaws.

BookDragon Says: The author of this series set out to do something pretty daring – create a flawed heroine who makes mistakes (yes, more than one) and acts like a real teen. Ana’s emotions often get the better of her and she hasn’t always made the best choices. Now, Ana is making up for her bad choices (while still acting her age)… In the end, everything pays off and she winds up with a more mature, compassionate outlook, improved life skills AND the guy. Not bad, Ana, not bad! Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read with lots of character growth among a truly diverse cast, some big emotional payoffs and (as always with Logan’s works) edge-of-your-seat action scenes filled with martial arts and fae magic.

$3.99 (free in KU)




  • Great action scenes
  • Utopian future world
  • Diverse, complex cast
  • Emotional character growth
  • Fae! Aliens! Magic!!


  • Ana breaks some promises for "the greater good"