The Countenance Angels Trilogy

The Countenance Angels Trilogy

by Addison Moore

In the grand scheme of things, you’ll be dead a lot longer than you’ll ever be alive. The last thing Laken Stewart remembers is the oncoming car, then bursting through the windshield. Two months dissolve without her knowledge and she finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings with strangers who not only profess to know her but insist she’s someone else entirely. Laken discovers her long dead boyfriend, Wesley, has been thrown into this alternate world as well. He is quick to inform her she suffered a horrible fall and that her memory hasn’t fully returned. According to Wesley the other life she had—her name, her family, they were simply a side effect of her brain trauma. In her quest for answers she meets Cooper Flanders, the son of her psychiatrist who readily believes every word she says. Laken Stewart knows she died on that hot July afternoon, but now she’s alive—or is she?

BookDragon says:  This was a light read — lots of action, teen drama and romance, complete with mean girls, entitled jocks, angels, demons and (yes!) zombies. The romance and lifestyle of these teens reads a lot more like a college atmosphere than a prep school. We haven’t read Ms. Moore’s other books, so we have to admit we were left rather confused by a lot of the backstory and insufficient world-building. There are many terms/beings referenced throughout the trilogy that are barely explained, leaving us with a some unresolved feelings.

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  • Hunky love interests
  • Angelic magic
  • Telepathy


  • Choppy writing
  • Insufficient world-building
  • Vulgar male viewpoints