What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

Sanctified: An Uncanny Kingdom Urban Fantasy (Branded Book 1)

by David Bussell  and M.V. Stott
The city of London is infested with vampires.
Only one person can stop them from rising up and wreaking havoc.
Too bad she’s a twenty-something goth working a desk job in a lost property office.

Diary Of a Wickedly Cool Witch: Bullies and Baddies

Kate Cullen
What is the most humiliating and embarrassing thing a school girl could ever experience? Think of the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever encountered at school, and double the embarrassment; triple it in fact!

Mosaic Chronicles (Books 1-5)
by Andrea Pearson
Disappearances at a popular national park…
Monsters from another dimension…
And Nicole can’t use her magic.