Wiser Guys

Wiser Guys

La Famiglia di Mostri Book 2, by D.R. Perry

The stock market crashes, threatening to bring Plymouth’s secret magical “Wise” families down with it. When Bill and Millie’s precognitive Uncle Finn threatens to usurp their father and take control of all the Wise families, the twins realize they must stop him.

Bill’s telepathic powers and ambition aren’t enough to outmaneuver his uncle, even with help from his sister and their similarly powered friends. Uncle Finn has an alliance with the Irish Mob up in Boston. Bill needs connections and there’s only one place to do that in this town.

The Plymouth Supper Club hides hooch and rumrunners like a backdrop covers warehouse walls on Poverty Row. Bill is ready to jump in with both feet but Millie wants out of this town, not a piece of its action. Can they wise up together or will the prospect of criminal life drive their friends and family apart?


About the Author: D.R. Perry lives in New England, where all her books are set. Although she’s not a native Rhode Islander, once up north she got so inspired she couldn’t leave. A wild Northern Muse attacked. D.R. used Typing; it was Super Effective. A Change In Crime earned a shortlist nomination for Alternate History in the Dragon Awards. She lives with her husband, daughter, and dog in the Ocean State, which is not an island and not Long Island. D.R. knows that her home state has both things, but isn’t defined by them. It reminds her that she’s also more than the sum of her parts.