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Lexi Rees, Dragon Club Founder

Hi, I’m Lexi, chief book dragon and word lover! If we haven’t met before, I’m a best-selling author, creative writing tutor, coach, pony girl, lover of the outdoors, secret crafter, and a busy, stressed out mum. All of these led me to set up the Dragon Club.

About our subscription boxes

When my kids were younger, I didn’t want reading or writing to be a chore. I wanted them to be stress-free and fun. And I wanted to enjoy them as a family.

Storytelling (written or verbal) is one of the oldest traditions in the world, yet the way it’s taught in schools puts the emphasis on spelling and grammar (fronted adverbials anyone?) which can put children off, and after a year of homeschool, most grown-ups too.

And reading isn’t a race or a competition. In fact, I believe reading records can actually discourage struggling/ slower readers. Instead, I want to encourage all readers to immerse themselves in the world the author has created, whether it’s real or fantasy.

Our boxes are designed to build skills and confidence in reading and writing, but most importantly, FUN!

If that strikes a chord with you, you’re going to love the Dragon Club.

Our WRITING BOXES are packed with activities to encourage and inspire creative writing. Each box contains a variety of fiction and non-fiction prompts, plus word-based puzzles to develop literacy skills.

Our BOOK BOXES are carefully curated, designed to excite, challenge and stretch young readers, but the Book Dragon boxes do more than help develop literacy and comprehension skills. There are a host of themed activities included to accompany each book: science experiments, recipes, geography challenges, historical facts, crafts.

Girl on sofa having fun reading a book

Plus, as a busy parent, the best news is, you won’t have to spend your precious (and limited) free time finding materials. This is a one-stop-shop to making reading and writing with your kids stress-free and fun. You might even have time for a cuppa (or a nap)!

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I hope that sounds good and looking forward to a fabulous bookish journey together 🙂

PS – you can see the FAQs are on the “Join the club” page. We did debate where best to put them!

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