About our Book Boxes

How the kids book club works

Each book that we read in The Book Dragon Club has an accompanying pack, full of fun activities.

We organise our bookshelves (and our memberships) into three reading levels:

picture books, chapter books, and advanced readers.

Whichever you choose, there are hours of entertainment bursting from each pack!

Boost your child’s reading skills, encourage their love of books, and develop imagination skills with this brilliant book club membership.


Membership options

  • Book box membership. Receive a beautifully packaged box with the book-of-the-month for your chosen reading level and accompanying activity pack every month, delivered to your door in a letterbox friendly size. Just choose your reading level – easy! This membership includes full online access too. Note – this is currently only available in the UK.
  • Online membership. All the activities are uploaded to our clubhouse and ready for you to download at home. This subscription does not include a physical book/ printed activity pack which saves you money as you can borrow the book from the library, and gives you flexibility if you prefer an ebook or audio version. Activities are kept online for three months, to allow for slower readers.

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Our book club goal is to

  • Encourage reluctant readers
  • Excite and inspire book dragons
  • Build a lifelong love of books
  • Develop imagination and creativity
  • Explore a diverse range of authors and genres
  • Include a wide range of cross curricular activities
  • Provide an immerse learning environment

What’s included in the book club activity packs?

  • Literacy and comprehension exercises
  • Book club-style questions to prompt discussion
  • Quizzes and puzzles
  • Themed cross-curricular activities including arts, crafts, science, geography, history, languages, and cookery
  • Links to other interesting videos and websites

Does that sound good?

See what’s on our bookshelves at the moment

Perfect picture books for little book club readers, and their grown-ups!

Aimed at our youngest readers and listeners, the picture books in this section of the club are as fun to read aloud as they are to listen to.

Here are our latest picture book reads …

Oi Frog

The funniest book of rhymes and rules.

Member access

There’s a Witch in Your Book

Witches are not just for Halloween. This fun book will encourage your little ones to join in with the actions.

Member access


A twisted fairy tale with a cautionary twist, plus a great way to start a grown-up conversation.

Member access

For our fabulous chapter book club members

Aimed at intermediate readers, the chapter books in this section of the club have short chapters to help readers gain confidence as they move away from picture based texts (although you’re never too old to enjoy an illustrated book, and graphic novels can have very well written and complex plots so should not be viewed negatively).

Here are our latest chapter book reads …


A fun series for an easy read.

Member access

Pugs of the Frozen North

If you like the Wacky Races, you’ll love this. Plus cutenesss overdose on the pugs. Loads and loads of pugs!

Member access

Olga and the smelly thing from nowhere

A funny tale of discovering animals and friendships.

Member access

For the advanced readers in our book club

Aimed at independent readers, these are longer books. The books in this section of the club are chosen to encourage members to explore a wide variety of genres and authors.

Here are our latest advanced reads …

Bethany and the Beast

Strong characters, and great fun.

Member access

The Highland Falcon Thief

Move over “Murder on the Orient Express”.

Member access

The Night Bus Hero

Some big topics tackled in another great book by one of our favourite authors.

Member access

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